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Odette System of Coding and Registration

What is OSCAR?

OSCAR assigns worldwide unique codes to any commercial or technical business entity that needs to be identified in exchanges between industry partners. OSCAR is designed based on requirements of the automotive industry but can just as easily be used by any other industry sector.

OSCAR is an on-line system, i.e. all functions are web based. This includes code issuing / assignment, data maintenance and information retrieval.

Thus, OSCAR is available all over the world and can be used for domestic, regional and world wide operations.

Areas of Application

The OSCAR code is designed to meet the requirements of many different fields of application: Partner Identification (in the sense of Party ID in an EDI transfer), computer / system identification as used in OFTP / OFTP2 connections to identify the sender or receiver of data and for logistics purposes, such as marking parts with a unique manufacturer code or for the generation of globally unique container labels for shipments.

OSCAR is easy to use and provides a new way to harmonise and streamline your business processes through the use of the same globally acknowledged identification code for all supply chain applications.